Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Evening with Marvin Hamlisch, Linda Eder and Stephen Stanfield!

For my birthday, my good friend Stephen called and reserved me for June 27 (two weeks after my birthday) for a surprise. Since he called so far in advance I was available. Then because Stephen's great and can't keep a surprise from me he told me that he got tickets for us to the Columbus Symphony Orchestra Picnic with the Pops. I was just excited for that, but when he said Linda Eder was coming, I about DIED! I was so shocked and so excited. Several years ago, I got the soundtrack to The Scarlet Pimpernel with Linda Eder and have loved her ever since. We got a picnic dinner and just enjoyed a beautiful evening on the lawn, listening to fabulous music.

Stephen and me before the concert started on my awesome picnic quilt I make. Gotta love all those bright summer colors.
Our view from our blanket. It was great!
Me with my playbill. Marvin Hamlisch and Linda Eder.
The Great Marvin Hamlisch...did you know that he has 3 Oscars, 4 Grammys, 4 Emmys, 1 Tony and 3 Golden Globes?!
The beautiful and very talented Linda Eder.
One more shot. I need to work on taking night pictures. Thanks for the awesome evening and being such a great friend, Stephen!


chante said...

What an awesome time!!!! (Yes, I follow your blog... did you know that? I'm your stalker ;) ) I love the quilt.. you're so talented. I'm still working on learning to sew! Love ya, girlie!!!

John and Karisa said...

Cool! Did Stephen get an inside tip about what gift to give you, or did he just happen to guess the PERFECT thing that you wanted?

I just saw a movie that I think you should watch with Mike. It's called "Forever Strong" and I think it's a church movie. (It was really big in the Utah scene I guess.) It's about a guy who counsels teenagers at a juvenile detention center, and how he changes one kid's life. I bet Mike would like it.